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A blog where I just post art and doodles, doodles mostly since I hardly finish what I start <3

I need to stop drawing Ren.*draws more Ren*
i was bored so here&#8217;s the improvement for shoes with two characters &lt;3 i really love Jacobs shoes, the shoes featured in the after images are real and can be purchased from the Adidas and Vans site &lt;3
it&#8217;s not exactly a draw again but whatever
oc doodles for mahc
so basically, around exam time i completed the major sory arc but because i was supposed to be studying i didnt write it down, so now i&#8217;ve forgotten the major plot point so yeah, im dead 
i remember one day i finished this and then i forgot to save, now cba to finish but i feel bad because this song is so cute and it deserves more love 
her headphones look like freaking bay-blades gdi
Haikyuu!! thing on the ds c: